Friday, September 17, 2021

Stromboli and Dan & John's remain closed

One month ago today, we posted about the temporary closures at neighboring businesses Stromboli and Dan & John's on First Avenue at St. Mark's Place. (Both quick-serve spots were closed a week before our post.)

In the past month, a lot of people have asked about or pointed out these closures. We don't have any updates, unfortunately. 

As previously noted, we were told that there's a gas-line issue with the building at 83 St. Mark's Place/135 First Ave. The gas issue impacts the building's residents as well, sources said.

Dan & John's left a hopeful message for its patrons... stating that this location "will be back open soon."

With the recent start of the college football and NFL seasons, it's High Wing Season. The Dan & John's outpost in Murray Hill is open...
Photos yesterday by Steven


Anonymous said...

"hello football fans" this is the ground version of a rooftop party.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, let people enjoy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what’s going on with Cosmos laundry mat across the street between st marks and 9th? That’s also closed for some gas issue?