Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Afternoon bringing Korean hot dogs, mochi doughnuts and croffles to St. Mark's Place

Afternoon is setting up a one-stop trendy-food eating destination at 34 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue (thanks to Steven for the photos)...
Here's more about Afternoon via their website:
Anytime is the right time to visit Afternoon, the ultimate one-stop destination for what you're craving. Our well-curated selection of the hottest food and beverage brands allows you to enjoy multiple drinking and dining destinations all under one roof. There's something for everyone at Afternoon…what are you in the mood for today?
Brands under this roof will include Jongro Rice Hotdog, Machi Machi (bubble teas, etc.), Mochi Mochi Donut, Brooklyn Roasting Company and Croffle Haus (croissant dough baked in a waffle iron).

Afternoon currently has outposts out in Bayside and in Koreatown. Five more area locations (including St. Mark's Place) are in the works.

Meanwhile, the like-minded Mochinut, the quickly expanding California-born chain known for its mochi doughnuts and Korean-style hot dogs, just opened around the corner on Second Avenue.

Afternoon is taking over half of the former Khyber Pass space. (The other half is Lucky Star, the recently opened 1950s-style ice-cream shop.)  Khyber Pass, which dated to the mid-1980s, quietly closed during the pandemic. 


Anonymous said...

WTF is a croffle. If it's anything like a cronut, will there be lines around the block?

Anonymous said...

Machi Machi Mochi Mochi what what?

I can't think of anything witty... said...

You all joke, but go eat a mochi donut. It's like some kind of divine temptation from the heavens. Its nothing like a donut or mochi. Its like a Italian fried dough on steroids. I cannot wait for this fad to end because I'm going to gain 100 pounds while these things are here.

Anonymous said...

I managed to sit out the entire poke fad of a couple years ago. Wonder if I can last thru Korean corndog fad. It's coming on pretty strong.