Thursday, September 16, 2021

Renovations appear complete at McKinley Playground

The $3-million renovation of the McKinley Playground on Fourth Street between Avenue A and First Avenue looks to be complete. 

Work started last September here adjacent to The Neighborhood School (PS 363) and Star Academy (PS 63). 

The reconstruction yielded a new playground, "comfort station" and spray shower as well as safety surfacing, benches, lighting, play equipment, etc.
Funding for the project came via the Manhattan Borough President's Office and City Council. The idea-gathering phase for the playground's improvements dated to June 2017.


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice. I hope the kids like it.

Anonymous said...

I walked by yesterday (Wednesday) evening just before 8:00 pm and it was full of people--kids running around and playing and some adults on the benches. I had wondered when it opened, because it was so surprising (and nice) to see it suddenly in use.