Sunday, September 12, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from the past week included (with a photo of resident red-tailed hawks Amelia and Christo atop Most Holy Redeemer on 3rd Street by Steven) ...

• Esperanto has apparently closed on Avenue C (Tuesday

• Hidden 7th Street treasure Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen reopens for the fall (Wednesday

• The first retail space for Tom's Juice will be on 4th Street (Tuesday

• Albert's Garden celebrating 50 years on 2nd Street (Friday

• Metrograph sets Oct. 1 reopening date (Friday

• At the debut of O’Flaherty’s on Avenue C (Thursday

• Another end-of-summer appreciation: The grocery cart garden (Monday

• New awning alert at Via Della Pace's new 4th Street home (Thursday

• First sign of the Mayfly on East Houston Street (Tuesday

• Ladybird No. 2 debuts on 7th Street; Cadence expansion continues (Wednesday

• Jackhammers in tow, city workers investigate the Mystery Puddle of Avenue A (Wednesday) ... The mystery puddle in the middle of Avenue A (Monday

• Beloved Cafe shapes up on the LES (Thursday

• Treetops now visible above the plywood on lower 2nd Avenue (Tuesday

• Km1 returns to 58 E. 1st St. (Tuesday) • Beard Papa's still bringing the cream puffs to St. Mark's Place (Thursday

• The Brant Foundation debuts its next show, Julian Schnabel's 'Self-Portraits of Others' (Wednesday)

• Chichen Itzá for 277 E. 10th St. (Wednesday

• Plywood comes down to reveal Xing Fu Tang on 2nd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Friday)

... and a few scenes from the free show (via Mike SOS and F-Bomb) in Tompkins Square Park yesterday ... photos by Stacie Joy...
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