Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ladybird No. 2 debuts on 7th Street; Cadence expansion continues

The second outpost of Ladybird, the vegan tapas and wine bar, is now open at 111 E. Seventh St. 

As we reported early last month, Ravi DeRossi's plant-based Overthrow Hospitality decided to open another Ladybird in the open space in the building instead of launching a new concept. Ladybird II takes over for DeRossi's Saramsam, a Filipino restaurant that debuted last September and quietly closed in May. 

Across the street, DeRossi is also opening another space for Cadence, his hit vegan soul food restaurant that debuted this spring, next door to the current sliver of a location No. 122.

The new Cadence outpost will be open a little later this fall.

Cadence chef Shenarri Freeman has been praised for her creative cooking. In early August, Pete Wells at the Times gave the place high marks, noting: "In the increasingly crowded world of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, Cadence occupies a niche of its own."

"Both [Ladybird and Cadence] are at capacity almost every night of the week. It just made sense to expand them, either that or relocate them to larger venues," DeRossi told us last month. 


La vie est belle said...

I'm so jealous walking by Ladybird all the time, looking at all the people eating there. I'd love to try it but I just can't afford those prices ��

Ravi DeRossi said...

La vie est belle, please contact me at, I would be honored to buy you and a guest dinner at Ladybird whenever you are available, we look forward to having you.

Anonymous said...

There's a reply for you in comments you might want to check out!

Anonymous said...

Please stop crowding the sidewalk with your restaurant patrons. It’s a pain to walk down 7th St, every day is like this.