Thursday, August 5, 2021

Ravi DeRossi is doubling down on Ladybird and Cadence on 7th Street

You're not seeing double at 111 E. Seventh St. — there are now two outposts of Ladybird, the vegan tapas and wine bar, at this address.

And this won't be the only restaurant from Ravi DeRossi’s plant-based Overthrow Hospitality to open a second space on this block between Avenue A and First Avenue. 

DeRossi is also opening another space for Cadence, his hit vegan soul food restaurant that debuted this spring, next door to the current sliver of a location at 122 E. Seventh St. 

He is known for dabbling in various vegan concepts with his chefs. "I really love opening new restaurants and working with young chefs to create these new concepts," he told EVG via email.

However, here, he decided to stick with formulas that are working. 

"Both restaurants are at capacity almost every night of the week. It just made sense to expand them, either that or relocate them to larger venues," DeRossi said. "We have opened three new restaurant concepts [Soda Club, Etérea and Cadence] in the past five months — I didn't have the energy for a fourth right now."

Ladybird II, which DeRossi expects to open (with a new brunch service) in about three weeks, takes over for Saramsam, a Filipino restaurant that debuted last September and quietly closed in May. 

This was the third restaurant that DeRossi tried in the space, following Fire & Water and Night Music. Tony Mongeluzzi, the first chef for Fire & Water, unexpectedly passed away in September 2018. The chef for Night Music left NYC at the start of the pandemic.

"We had a string of bad luck," DeRossi said. "With the success of Ladybird next door, it just made sense to expand. Definitely not the most fun decision but hopefully the smartest decision."

As for Cadence, the new space next door will be ready in about two to three months (they recently applied for a new liquor license). 

Chef Shenarri Freeman has been praised for her creative cooking. This week, Pete Wells at the Times gave the place high marks, noting: "In the increasingly crowded world of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, Cadence occupies a niche of its own."

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