Tuesday, September 14, 2021

New Indian restaurant in the works for this stretch of 2nd Avenue

An Indian restaurant called Desi Stop is coming to 75 Second Ave. between Fourth Street and Fifth Street. (Thanks to Steven for the photo and tip!)

This info is according to the workers who are currently renovating the space. We don't know anything just yet about the owners behind the new place.

Desi Stop takes over for Nostro Ristorante, which debuted in October 2019. The Italian restaurant reopened briefly late in the spring of 2020 for pandemic-era takeout and delivery but closed soon after. 

The west side of Second Avenue between Fourth Street and Sixth Street has been hard-hit with closures... aside from Nostro, Atlas Cafe ... Thailand Cafe ... and Hou Yi Hot Pot/Spicy Noodle Hot Pot all closed last year. And Calexico at 99 Second Ave. remains "temporarily closed."  


-----m said...

so sorry when NOSTRO closed...wonderful food (including delicious homemade bread), decent prices, comfortable atmosphere & decor. sincerely wish this place would return to the area!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome a new Indian spot here, miss Haveli that closed!