Tuesday, July 5, 2022

HAGS sets July 20 opening date on 1st Avenue

HAGS, described as a restaurant "for Queers and everyone else," is opening on July 20.

The owners, chef Telly Justice and sommelier Camille Lindsley (partners in business and life), made the announcement on Instagram last week... and the first round of reservations for the tiny space at 163 First Ave. between 10th Street and 11th Street went live on Friday.

For now, HAGS, an acronym for Have A Good Summer, offers several options for tasting menus (vegan AND omnivore). And on Sundays, HAGS will offer a "pay what you can" menu (no reservations on Sundays — first come, first served).

In addition to some quality food and drink, the HAGS website states: "we serve radical luxury, unapologetic joy, community and optimistic change."

You can follow the HAGS Instagram account for updates. 

Our previous post has a roundup of some of the positive press HAGS has received this year.

Thanks to Steven for the photo.


Anonymous said...

I *never* spend that kind of money to eat out. Never have, never would.

And I can't stand "tasting menus" b/c, no matter what name it's called, it's still someone else's choice of my dinner. If I'm paying, I want to decide what I'm eating; it's really that simple.

These are the same reasons I wouldn't eat at Eleven Madison Park.

Good luck to this place. Does this area have enough people who can & will spend $145/person (and up), plus wine, on tasting menu dinners? I guess we'll find out!

Anonymous said...

I welcome u to our neighborhood-
Native people who live here could never afford those prices.
Do you want us as customers??
(7th. St. Family since 1970

Be well-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing


That menu is absolutely ridiculous. There is no justifiable reason to charge customers $145 for vegetables, tempe, and soy.

noble neolani said...

They look to build a solid customer base from the UES, GV, UWS and W Chelsea.

To those complaining about. prices, are you just realizing what years of DeBlasio and now Adams lust or developer and the real estate industries backing has done to our city?

Anonymous said...

@12:34PM: No, I'm not "just realizing" what DeBlasio or anyone else has done to the city!

I *am* saying that I don't (and would not) eat anywhere that costs that much. I wouldn't have spent that kind of money on a meal in the glory days of any mayor's term in office.

Neighbor said...

There are many tasting menus in the East Village, including at institutions like Hearth, so this isn't a new concept. Just because they don't cater to your personal tastes/spending habits doesn't mean they are out of place or unacceptable. The East Village is great because it has a diversity of offerings serving a diversity of people which is quite obviously what they are trying to do here.

Once again, happy to celebrate a new opening in our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I guess none of the above posts is aware that there is a restaurant literally less than a 30 second walk on 10th street, right west of First called Tsukimi. The tasting menu is $265 without tax and tip and they seem to be doing just fine. These kinds of restaurants rely on people who take taxis and Uber to go to dinner and back, not locals.

Anonymous said...

Tsukimi is Michelin starred fine dining, and it’s marketed as such. Compared to a place like Per Se they are a value. HAGS is a “potluck” of vegetables. Not really the same thing for the price point.

Anonymous said...

No one is forcing you people to go there. If you don't like the menu or price point, move along and go eat somewhere you can afford. Stop complaining about every little thing. if it's a bar, you complain, If it's new real estate, you complain. if it's a restaurant that has a price point, you complain. Id rather see new restaurants open up than more smoke shops, because 5 on every corner is plenty.

@Noble - this has nothing to do with politics. Don't bring that here.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see reasonable and sane commenters that understand the world showing up after the utter nonsense spewed by the first group

Anonymous said...

Well, i may be wrong but you don't get a Michelin star until you are open from r business. In other words, they had to earn it! But i guess you for one, must have the ability to rate a restaurant from looking at a piece of paper rather than tasting the food

Anonymous said...

no one has mentioned the "pay-what-you-can" sunday program! i have to say i think that's very cool.


We are not complaining, we are neighbors sharing our opinions and lived experiences in a safe space. You should work on being more open minded and less hostile.

sophocles said...

That location is "historic" as the first location of Momofuku Ko (last dinner service Oct. 26, 2014), which was famous for its tasting menu, with dishes served to you by the intense chefs who cooked them behind the counter--so people have been spending that kind of money for many years. I went there once, but I have trouble remembering anything I ate, which is often the case with tasting menus. But live and let live.