Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Boots turns 25

From the EV Grieve inbox...

Please join us tonight at 6 at Two Boots East Village (42 Avenue A @ E. 3rd St.), for our BIMBO RIVAS TRIBUTE, the first of our 25 special events marking Two Boots' 25th Anniversary.

Mosaic artist Carlos Pinto will unveil a fabulous new piece honoring the great LES poet Bimbo Rivas, whose paean to the neighborhood, "Loisaida," coined the term that has become part of our local dialect.

There will be free pizza ("The Luisaida," which pays tribute to local luminary Luis Guzman), free wine and beer (from our new upgraded wine and beer list), live music by the Stumblebum Brass Band, and poetry readings by the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe All-Stars.


Anonymous said...

I love the Two Boots pizzeria on Avenue A, but I miss the Two Boots restaurant on Avenue A. Why has that space been vacant for so long? I wish the Two Boots owner could re-boot the restaurant location.

pennys herb co. said...

phil n doris
G-D bless ya
thank you for the great 25 years!!!
my son rainer loves 2 boots
i remember when ya first opened
thank you for being here!!!!!!
rainer. sue. kim

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:29 The other restaurant was a Cajun Restaurant which couldn't make it. Hartman went through a divorce and his ex-wife got the restaurant and was going to turn it in to a vegan restaurant but failed. She owns the Two Boots midtown.

Hartman had many business on A that failed causing the community tremendous problems. I was very interested in the restaurant becoming a vegan restaurant and I don't understand how his ex-wife could be a vegan and yet own a Two Boots which is not. You either stand for something or you don't. so you're a vegan and you own a restaurant that sells meat.

glamma said...

kudos to two boots for honoring one of the patron saints of the east village!

Anonymous said...

love the pizza, thank you! but pleas no more corporate sponsored events and no more support for any market rate housing. No more support for 50/50 mixed income housing. We need affordable housing for working class people and artists.

Take a position. Just say no to SPURA First Street Green and any other thing that supports the new demographic. Thank you and happy 25.

Long live Loisaida!

T.E.V.B. said...

Two Boots rules! Congrats on 25 years.

KairosKim said...

@ Anon 12:08 - bless u for staying on top of the issues

and Bimbo Rivas!
it takes a relative oldster (Glamma??) to remember Bimbo -
ave C bears his sweet mark

Two Boots has earned it's stripes - many a birthday/child party was had in their huge booths with root beer mug boots and smiley face pizzas


Spike said...

I stopped by last night from 6:30 til 7. The crowd was filled with people who looked like they were probably around for the first slice 25 years ago. Had a couple slices and a few Abita's on the house -- thank you Phil for your generosity. The mosaic is beautiful. Stumblebum played a couple songs from the "stage" (the corner where they rent videos), then they paraded from Two Boots to the Nuyorican, playing in the street. A little too crowded to get any useable photos but good fun!

Rehab said...

Phuck Phil phor all the agony he put his employees through in his Avenue A disaster companies.