Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Busy day today in Tompkins Square Park

Busy day, as these photos from Bobby Williams show... there was live music... as well as the Prayer Station via the Sacred Life Ministries ...

There was a video/commercial shoot featuring actor Dean Winters from "30 Rock" and "Rescue Me" ... (Was this for The Heroes Project?)

...and a traveler/crusty needed some medical attention...

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marc kehoe said...

There seems to be a nearly endless conga line of these religious tent shows-with LOUDLY AMPLIFIED "services"
in Tompkins Square Park. Nearly endless. Almost every day. Over and Over. There is a group from Long Island with a VERY LOUD evangelical "service" led by a thickly accented Long Island woman who also sings, and screams "alellujah!" into her tinny amp over and over and over.
(audience/parish at least gets fed after the show. "Minister" then usually proceeds to charge up and down Ave A on the park side of the street, loudly berating her staff, and throwing things on the ground.)

Reverend Billy, anyone? Allelujah for a bitterly cold Autumn, beginning right after Labor Day?

Can't wait.