Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reader report: EarthMatters closing next month

177 Ludlow hit the market for $6.25 million last September, as BoweryBoogie first noted. The 5-story, 15-unit building has been home to EarthMatters Organic Market and Restaurant since 2001.

Last month, The Lo-Down reported that 177 Ludlow was in contract.

The future looked bleak for the organic food market, especially with the listing that appeared for the ground-floor space the market occupies (asking rent is $25,000 a month).


EVG regular samo heard that, now that the building has been sold, the store is closing for good on Sept. 20. Management apparently told employees last evening.

No word on the plans for the building. As BoweryBoogie wrote, "the stout property is being pitched as a perfect opportunity for either a hotel or condo conversion. Two options this battered part of the neighborhood certainly does not need."

[Photo via the EarthMatters website]


Anonymous said...

Oof...that's a tough one.
Despite being overpriced, what a great neighborhood spot.
I will never forget the fakin bacon egg sandwiches!!!!

nygrump said...

I stopped going there when the juice person became very angry when I complained. My carrot-orange was full of spinach and garlic from the previous customer. It was disgusting looking and tasted awful. They were assholes to me because I had the gall to tell them - and it was initially done nicely - they were wrong.

Miss Phoebe said...

NOOOOO!!!! SOB!! For the entire time I lived in the LES/Chinatown I shopped at EarthMatters, and ate almost every meal there. Until I could no longer afford the rent, and had to move to Brooklyn.

There are NO other options nearby for "heath food" except Whole Foods, which is over priced AND the food bar not organic.

This is a tragic loss for the neighborhood.


glamma said...


LESismore said...

fyi- the owners of the building are also the owners of earth matters. french guys i think, owned the building and store for 10years. they are millionares after this sale.