Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rumors about the new name for the former Nice Guy Eddie's space

Renovations continue at the former Nice Guy Eddie's space on Avenue A at East Houston... currently home to Chico's KISS plywood. As previously disclosed, Darin Rubell, co-owner of GalleryBar and Ella, is one of the partners opening a new restaurant here.

According to the rumor mill, the space will be a gastropub called Boulton & Watt, named for the U.K.-based business partners who made many critical improvements to the steam engine in the late 1700s.

1 comment:

glamma said...

boulton & f*cking watt?
just shoot me now.
they will not be happy until they have yuppified every last inch of our beloved neighborhood. someone, stop the madness!
nice guy eddies sounded PUNK ROCK.

this cr@p just sounds like another moneyed p*ss pot.
boulton & watt my f*cking ass.

sorry but this is just too much already.