Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here's what's coming to 35 Cooper Square: 9-story dormitory

After months of waiting, we finally know what's coming to the former 35 Cooper Square — dorms. Today, reps for developer Arun Bhatia pre-filed paperwork with the DOB for 200 E. Sixth St.

Here's what we learned from the pre-filing.

The proposed plans call for a 9-story dormitory with 43 rooms ... plus retail on the ground floor. In total, the building will be nearly 35,000 square feet (at a height of 117 feet). The paperwork lists Debra Kossar of Kossar & Garry Architects as the architect of record.

No indication just yet who the dorms are for — NYU and Cooper Union would have to top the list of guesses, of course.

The closing of the Asian Pub in January 2011 at 35 Cooper Square set in motion a sequence of events that led to the demolition of the 185-year-old, Federal-style house.

The Arun Bhatia Development Organization has developed dorms for the New School and Marymount Manhattan College, among others, through the years.

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Anonymous said...

"No indication just yet who the dorms are for — NYU and Cooper Union would have to top the list of guesses, of course."

Not at all.
Any douchebag can startup a "school" just like one would startup a "church" (ie, First Church / University of Ass Inspection) Presto! Instant waiver for building height limits and other zoning requirements.
It's a better racket than the old "cupcake bar" with back room wine tasting; and then suddenly; full blown bar mysteriously comes in through the back door.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@Anon 4:33 - Not a bad idea. Maybe I'll start my own 'school' and get funding to provide affordable housing for regular working people. I mean, students...

EVG University, anyone?

EV Grieve said...

@ Goggla

I'll need a liquor license!

ASSMAN said...


I would like to complete my degree at your University of Ass Inspection. Please tell me more about the program.

DrBOP said...

ASSMAN, then EVG will need a lick-her license :+)

(RIMshot.....here all week......try the veal.....)

Crazy Eddie said...

All this dorm, ASSMAN, RIMshot talk makes me hot to play some Cornhole. Woo!

Big Brother said...

Ha! A dorm next to the Standard. Karma! Due! Bro!

Anonymous said...

Presumably NYU because Cooper usually lets the neighborhood know what's going on and NYU doesn't.

Hey, OT but...this guy, Marcus Covington, sez he's a LES homeboy and, yo, he sounds, um, old skol:
(The unruly guy is Marcus, the article is narrated by his seatmate.)

Uncle Waltie said...

Those 'poor' Standard Hotel guests will now have to suffer through a year's worth of construction noise. So will I, but I 'm not paying $ 400 a night. I can't help but feel some "schadenfreude".

Anonymous said...

This breaks my heart. I watched 35 Cooper Square go down, and now even its shadow will no longer be there. RIP.

Anonymous said...

Well sh*t if it's NYU, that a LOT more a-holes who will be coming to destroy, piss and puke all over the neigborhood (figuratively and unfortunately, quite literally as well).
Those vapid, entitled little NYU monsters should all be forced to take a freshman introduction class
"How to Assimilate into NYC without Being a Total Self-Centered Culture-Killing A-Hole."

bowery boy said...

Well, this site is not part of NYU's 2030 Plan, so it can't be them. I mean, they wouldn't have lied to every politician in town, would they???

Usually, developers get approval for a dorm, cuz that's easy, then later they change it to a hotel or something - just another way of duping the DOB. Business as usual for developers. People who work at the DOB must be ashamed to work for a place with no balls.

And, The Standard folks must hate this. They are screwed - years of construction noise and polution, loss of views on their north side, and a shadow cast over their entrance and half the building. That's gotta suck for them. Ha! And their creditors can look forward to another bankruptcy filing - they'll all be screwed, too, soon enough.

Anonymous said...

9 stories of full-on whoo. Duuude bro that's awesome! And it's like a block from Phebe's- double whoo! Instead of puking outside we can stumble 1 block and pass out in our dorms dude!