Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking at the boring September CB3/SLA docket

Community Board 3 released its monthly meetings docket yesterday. Not too many blockbusters. Or any. Which is just fine. Many of the items are for bars-restaurants south of Houston... and a few familiar names are back on the agenda... we'll hopefully know more as CB3 releases the applications for the, uh, applicants.

And the SLA & DCA Licensing Committee meets on Sept. 10 at the usual place — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street at Bowery.

Renewal with Complaint History
• Nublu, 62 Ave C (wb)

• L'azzo Pizza, 107 1st Ave (wb)

Applications within Resolution Areas

[EVG reader Kat]

• Vella Market Inc, 56-58 Ave B (wb)

This is the organic market that is taking over the former Kate's Joint space at East Fourth Street.

• 106 on the LES LLC, 106 Rivington St (op)

• Gallery Bar (MMS Group LLC), 120 Orchard St (op)

• Subject (PMMR LLC), 188 Suffolk St (op)

• Caffe Buon Gusto (Ave B Caffe Buon Gusto Inc), 545 E 5th St (aka 76 Ave B) (wb)

They've been featuring a bring your own bottle policy since opening...

• Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Nom Wah Dim Sum Parlor Inc), 13 Doyers St (alt/wb/change of hours)

• The Bowery Diner (241 Bowery Corp), 241 Bowery (alt/op/extend hours)

New Liquor License Applications

• Lobster Joint (LJ East Houston LLC), 201 E Houston St (op)

It appears that the former Lina Frey space will be home to an outpost of the Williamsburg-based Lobster Joint.

• To be Determined, 266 Broome St (op)

• To be Determined (Silkstone), 22 Orchard St (wb)

• Jujomukti Tea Lounge (Jujomukti Inc), 211 E 4th St (wb)

• Hummus Place (Edo Food LLC), 109 St Marks Pl (op)

• Mario San Inc, 36 Ludlow St (wb)

• Congee Village Inc, 100 Allen St (op)

• To be Determined, 224 E 10th St (wb)

Was originally on the August agenda. This was the address for Merciel, the boutique that sold wedding dresses... they recently closed, and something booze-related hopes to take its place.

• Paulaner Brauhaus Restaurant LLC, 265-267 Bowery (op)

• Feast (Two Guize LLC), 102 3rd Ave (op)

Also a holdover from August: The New York Central Framing Annex has moved around the corner to East 12th Street... and a restaurant-bar is in the works for the old space...

• Nevada Smith (92 Nunswalk Inc), 100 3rd Ave (op)

• Souvlaki Gr LES (Uber Caffe LLC), 116 Stanton St (op)

• To be Determined, 127 4th Ave (op)

Current home of Forum, which often seems to need a new front door after the weekend.

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)
• The Cock (Red Rooster 29 LLC), 29 2nd Ave (op)

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