Friday, August 31, 2012

First residents moving into 315 E. 10th St.

Jose Garcia noticed that the first tenants are moving into the freshly gut renovated 315 E. 10th St. today... the first listings for the former Education Alliance building hit the market two weeks ago, as we first noted.

As we always cut and paste previously reported, the city OK'd a one-floor rooftop addition here in January hours before the Landmarks Preservation Committee approved the East 10th Street Historic District.

And since then, the building has quickly been turned into residences... a three-bedroom unit is asking $4,895 ... there's also a four-bedroom apartment for $6,500, per Streeteasy.

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Anonymous said...

i like knowing about the changes in the city, i appreciate it. Also, i regard well the posting of rental prices. this always gives me leverage when i negotiate my contracts, for myself and those i employ. i use the rents as a starting point for wages when i pitch to the city. I use a mean. That mean is 25% of the labor cost.
I adjust it weekly. Haven't gone wrong yet.
My employees like it, as their wages go up steadily.

Anonymous said...

Heard a few other apts are rented too, I like that they don't even wait till its done.

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to see who exactly is moving in there. they must be very exotic creatures.... :)