Monday, August 27, 2012

[Updated] East Third Street lot cleared of pesky trees, garden

Back in January, we reported that a parcel of land at 321 E. Third St., just west of Avenue D, hit the market for $6 million ... the space, long the subject of a tug-of-war between various factions, was officially sold in June to the vague 321 E. Third Street Realty LLC.


EVG reader Steven Matthews noted late last week that workers started clearing out the space, chopping down trees, uprooting bushes, etc.

[Steven Matthews]

And now.

There's nothing on file with the DOB. So, this is a site to keep an eye on for future development.

Meanwhile, directly behind this lot on East Fourth Street... the Orchard Alley community garden remains closed. It shut down in the middle of July... and here is the reason why...

In recent weeks, there has been some activity at No. 27, including new plywood....

But not much else appears to be happening inside the barren lot.

Ah, via the comments, we learned that NY1 has been on the story ... you may watch their report here.

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nygrump said...

oh please, mosquito hazard my ass, thats just someone on a powertrip. "Its my community park and I'm closing it" - what are they afraid we're gonna get yellow fever?

shmnyc said...


"[T]he parks department tells NY1 their inspectors confirmed the mosquitoes are definitely coming from the standing water at the stalled construction site."

Anonymous said...

this. Sux.