Thursday, August 16, 2012

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

Maharlika on First Avenue is opening a "Filipino gastropub" in the East Village (Zagat)

An alternate Coney Island (Dreams of the Vanishing New York)

Memorial for victim of in garbage-truck accident on Allen last weekend (BoweryBoogie)

Is Gin Palace "the dive bar of cocktail bars"? (The Wall Street Journal)

Apparently Houston, Boston and Orange County are all cooler and hipper than New York City (Forbes, h/t Jeremiah Moss)

Seward Park OKs 7-Eleven (The Lo-Down)

Looking at a "Kids with laundry" photo from 1972 — possibly East 13th Street? (Ephemeral New York)

The dusty, moldy wasteland inside the Chelsea Hotel (Living With Legends)

A "conspicuous consumption has made a resounding return to Madison Avenue" (Racked)

... and some random teeter-tottering last night on East Sixth Street near Avenue A...

[Via @IansTweets]

...and EVG reader Rik Rocket shared some more 185-193 Avenue B destruction photos ...

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Anonymous said...

That Godzilla pic is awesome!

I wanna teeter-totter toooooo!