Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today outside 100 Avenue A

Photo by Bobby Williams.



Anonymous said...

ho hum. another day in the EV. But heaven forbid four popped collar suburbanite NYU snots pass out in IHOP. the horror!


Is that Ke$ha?™

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand this city.

Passed out, blocking half the sidewak with your gut and pubes hanging out is okay...

But an honest business that employs people and pays taxes is vilafied and blocked by the community board - and they can do it because the business wants to serve the legal product Liquor.

This and crime affect the Quality of LIfe alot more then folks having a drink !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If rents weren't so insanely high because of how much bar-owners can make selling booze, instead of constant turnover and empty store-fronts, we'd have stable businesses, serving this COMMUNITY instead of outside party-goers. And then we wouldn't have scenes like this because Ave A would be a vital, diverse business district.

Talk about pro-business...the bar/booze business drives everything else OUT, which creates problems in all sorts of ways including this sort of scene.

Anonymous said...

12:28 sorry you are wrong.

sadly you are probably on the community board.

if you hate bars restaurants and yes clubs, why do you live in New York City?

may I suggest Nebraska.....?

jason said...

As for the ihop issue, the thing I find sad is that the East Village used to be a creative and eclectic community. Now it is more like an extended dorm quad for NYU.

More bars? That is mot the answer. The area is already flooded in booze. It attracts nightlife instead of stable daytime community serving business.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12: 53
No, you are wrong.
Clearly, you are either not from NYC, or else you are still a juvenile. (not a terribly bright one at that)

Anonymous said...

8 22 ......I am a born and raised new yorker in my 40s.

now answer the question, why do you live here if you hate cafe society?

Anonymous said...

Huh? you would rather have empty storefronts, rolled down graffiti scared gates and homeless encampments in front instead of bars?

Please get off the Community Board!! You are inherently biased and need to recuse yourself.

Anonymous said...

We have to fight for our neighborhood--we deserve to live in a rich, healthy, diverse community...a place with business that serve the needs of people who live here...quality groceries (not just delis), affordable (and not only to party) restaurants, services and retail of all sorts, local cultural institutions, and local bars too...all these are being driven out by the nightlife mono-culture.

But we can all support a better future for our neighborhood.