Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tokyo Rebel is leaving Avenue B

... for parts unknown just yet, as the sign shows...

And why? Per the Tokyo website:

Simple — our lease is up, and that's given us an opportunity to look for a better location. We signed a 3 year lease in 2009 knowing that by this time, we'd have a good idea whether or not we wanted to keep on keeping on, and whether we liked our current location or wanted to find a new one.

The good news is we definitely want to stay open. But we think we can do better than our current spot. We'd like a place that's easier to get to for more of our customers, for one thing. New York can have some challenging weather, so being nearer more transportation options is important for us and our customers.

We're also looking for a space that's better for events - ideally one we can host events in itself! But if not, then at least closer to appropriate venues. Hopefully we can run more events once we reopen.

After Aug. 25, you can still find their rock-punk-gothic goods at their website.

Still, another loss for Avenue B.

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