Tuesday, February 5, 2013

After a 9-year eviction battle, marshal seizes the Village Scandal on East 7th Street

Village Scandal, the vintage hat shop, is in its 18th year at 19 E. Seventh St. However, for the last nine years, owner Wendy Barrett has been embroiled in an ongoing eviction battle with her landlord. It's a long, complicated story. We covered it here.

Yesterday afternoon, a tipster noted that a marshal seized the store. More details as they become available.


Anonymous said...

Love this place. Just bought a new hat there on Sunday. Go Wendy!

If they kick her out what are they going to put in here? Probably some shit-ass place no one gives a toss about.

Kurt said...

I bought a summer had there this summer to support the neighborhood but it was pretty overpriced at $70.

Bobby Gorman said...

This was a cool store. It had a nice feel to it. As compared with other hat stores nowadays it seemed not over priced. I bought a wonderful distressed leather news boy cap there for $47. And the gals minding the store were always both helpful, non pressuring, and pleasant. I'm gonna miss this one.
It was a good East Village operation.