Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The mystery of the missing section of Tompkins Square Park fencing... SOLVED (probably)

[Photo Monday by Bobby Williams]

In an important post from Monday, we noted that someone removed part of the fence along East Seventh Street near Avenue A at Tompkins Square Park. Given that there wasn't anyone around to ask what was going on, we could only assume that the Samuel S. Cox statue was being moved to the top of 100 Avenue A as a way to compete with Red Square.

Well, as a reader noted in the comments, the fence removal was more likely done to aid the removal of the tree stump near the statue...

... and this morning, workers removed said stump.

[Photo by Derek Berg]

Case closed! (Though can anyone confirm if the Cox statue is actually still there?)


Anonymous said...

Grieve, tell us, who was this Cox you speak of?

DrBOP said...

NO stump speech forrr UUUUUUUUUUU!

Samuel Cox Statue said...

Samuel Sullivan Cox was the letter carrier's friend. An Ohioan, I would like to add. Born in Zanesville.