Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Report: Lawyer for suspect in East 6th Street slashing says his client is 'a good guy'

John Godfrey, the lawyer representing a man accused of two slashings, called his client "a good guy," according to published reports.

Per the Post:

“I feel really bad for him,” said John Godfrey of Francis Salud, 28, at Salud’s arraignment. “He’s a good guy.”

Salud, who remains in jail without bail, is accused of slashing Anthony Christopher Smith near Third Avenue and East Sixth Street on Jan. 16.

As previously reported, Smith underwent eight hours of surgery, and needed nearly 150 stitches for the wound from his right ear to his lips after the attack. Smith, who says the attack was unprovoked, has partial paralysis on the right side of his face because several nerves were severed.

Salud was previously arrested and charged for a slashing that happened Oct. 18 behind Bellevue. The victim needed 73 stitches on the left side of his body, per media accounts. Salud was out on a $30,000 bond at the time of the East Sixth Street attack.



Anonymous said...

Words don't mean what they used to.

Anonymous said...

Good guys don't slash two people in the face and then brag about it in their cute little diary. Monsters do.

Anonymous said...

It's New York. For this Shithole, he's a good guy.

Gojira said...

I wonder how much extra defense lawyers pad their bills so they can lie about their reprobate clients with straight faces.

Anonymous said...

The lawyer is a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society so I can not imagine he's rolling in the money, so the idea that there is some financial motivation and deceit here is ridiculous.

Keep in mind the source of this quote: the NYPost.

I was a juror on a murder trial about 10 years ago in the city, and I remember that I went online to see what was being said in the press about the trial (after it was over!!). Not only were there several abbreviated quotes designed to mislead, but I could not believe how many absolute inaccuracies were published.

Salud is not, in my mind, a "good guy" and he clearly needs to be off the streets, but I wonder how much mental health plays a role here and what more could be done in the future to help prevent similar attacks by others.

My 32 cents.

IzF said...

Seriously, 10:32AM???