Friday, February 26, 2016

Let It Fake Snow! Let It Fake Snow! Let It Fake Snow!

Fake Snow Warning in effect for East Fourth Street between Second Avenue and the Bowery today... while crews are filming the movie "Collateral Beauty," starring Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Edward Norton.

Photo by Derek Berg


Giovanni said...

So Will Smith is busy shooting a movie here while he is supposedly boycotting the Oscars on the left coast. Got it.

Anonymous said...

Self-entitled Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are sore that Will didn't get nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the boring ass movie "Concussion".

Will Smith can't act for shit - never could or will.

VH McKenzie said...

@anonymous 10:13pm - I beg to differ - he plays a perfect "Will Smith!"
Every. Single. Time.

cmarrtyy said...

Ms. Smith made her point. Good. But now the law of unintended consequences takes over. From now on every person of color nominated will be considered an "affirmative action" nominee. Human nature... Sister... Human nature. Whites in the film business have been complaining for years... years about how unfair the nominations have been... Ms. Smith and Mr. Spike Lee didn't want to join the list of complainers, they wanted to guilt-trip it to gain an advantage. But as I said in the long run, it wasn't worth it. It's just a sad disservice to the community of color.

Giovanni said...

There is an argument to be made that the Oscars snubbed movies like "Beasts of No Nation" and actors like Idris Elba, but the idea that the Oscars snubbed Will Smith's role in Concussion, or Spike Lee's ChiRaq, or commercial films like Straight Outta Compton are ridiculous. All four of the screenwriters on Straight Outtta Compton were white, so it's no wonder they whitewashed the whole storyline.

Yes, the Oscars are too white, but many of the movies that people are complaining got snubbed this year just weren't that good. I've got my money on Brie Larson in Room, Leonardo DiCaprio (an actor who knows something about being snubbed) in The Revenant, and Mad Max. The Independent Spirit Awars are on IFC today so at least some of the actors and movies that the Oscars ignored will be honored.

Anonymous said...

"Concussion" is neither more or less worthy for being Oscar-bait as "Joy" was.

As far as speaking out is concerned, it's ALWAYS worth it. Regardless how you feel about the Smiths as actors or celebrities or whatever (because what's going on over #OscarsSoWhite isn't solely about them, their voices became a part of it) all the "Whites in the film business complaining for years" didn't do JACK until the Blacks and other underrepresented minorities in the film business who've been complaining LONGER were finally loud enough to be heard against the dull background of whitewashing.

It's not just about awards. It's about representation.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Will Smith in a movie, I don't see the character he's supposed to be portraying, I see Will Smith or at best Fresh Prince, which is a fictionalized version of himself.

Is there any anything not fake in the East Village anymore. Plus, now, #EastVillageIsSoWhite.