Sunday, February 28, 2016


Today is the last day for three longtime businesses... two are permanent closures and one is a closure ahead of a relocation...

[EVG photo from last week]

Patricia Field is retiring from the boutique business after 50 years. She started in the West Village in 1966, and has been at 306 Bowery the last few years. This store closes today. Field has said that she is now going to concentrate on her film and TV work.

The 306 storefront is for lease.


Today is also the last day for St. Mark's Bookshop at 136 E. Third St. between Avenue A and First Avenue. Any remaining books and magazines are going for $2. This is the shop's fourth location since opening on St. Mark's Place in 1977.

Ada Calhoun's piece published at The New Yorker on Feb. 12 titled "What went wrong at St. Mark's Bookshop" gives you the background about what happened here.


And as we first reported last summer, Trash and Vaudeville is leaving its home of 41 years at 4 St. Mark's Place ... for a new space at 96 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue.

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I just love how the vomit along the avenue matches the puke on the cross street ... said...

In the New Yorker piece Contant, the remaining owner of the store, is described having made a faux pas:

When a member of the Mayor’s tourism office asked me last year to be interviewed for a video about the East Village, I suggested that we do the taping at the bookshop, which was struggling to attract customers at its new location. When the camera rolled, I talked up the bookstore. Then the interviewer asked Contant a question, and he offered a disillusioned rant about how the Village used to be cool. I was disappointed that he hadn’t taken the opportunity to plug his business and the neighborhood (his comments never made it into the final video), but I wasn’t surprised.

So I guess we all ought to stop crying about the loss of the "old" EV and start talking up the neighborhood and plugging our wares to the tourists. Thank you New Yorker Magazine.