Friday, February 19, 2016

Feb. 29 is the last day on St. Mark's Place for Trash and Vaudeville ahead of move to East 7th Street

[EVG photo from last July]

As we exclusively reported last July 28, Trash and Vaudeville is leaving its home of 40 years at 4 St. Mark's Place ... to new space at 96 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue.

The store has taken to social media to announce that their last day on St. Mark's Place is Feb. 29. They will reopen in their new home in early March.

Here's some of our conversation with store owner Ray Goodman from July:

"I love St. Mark's Place. There's no doubt it. There's something magical about it. This just isn't any block," Goodman told us on the phone. "The decision wasn't something that I took lightly. From a business perspective, we saw a shift in the clientele. The block is not as conducive for fashion shopping as it once was. Now it seems as if it's all food — fast food — and bongs. Even stores that aren't bong stores sell bongs."

He said that the changing business environment on the block between Second Avenue and Third Avenue was just one of many factors that played into the decision to relocate.

"The retail world is so different today," he said. "So much of it is done online."

And increasing rents are always a culprit.

"The rent is creeping up," said Goodman, who is a minority partner in the ownership of the historic Hamilton-Holly House at 4 St. Mark's Place. "Rent was a factor, but it wasn't the sole reason."

Last November, 4 St. Mark's Place, the landmarked building whose first owner in 1833 was Alexander Hamilton’s son, arrived on the market. Asking price for the building that includes Trash and Vaudeville: $11.9 million.

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Anonymous said...

Wish them luck. They are moving to a pretty cool block, a better fit I'm sure.

cmarrtyy said...

Everyday a little death... It's getting lonely out there for long time EVers. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

as long as they still have Jimmy and that neon! good luck to them!!!