Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reader report: Pak Punjab Deli and Grocery back open

After being closed for nearly a month for some undisclosed renovations, Pak Punjab Deli and Grocery is back in business today on Second Avenue and East Third Street.

The storefront closed without any warning... or note indicating a temporary closure. Several readers noted, however, that the proprietors of the deli, which sells homemade Pakistani-Punjabi food, were just freshening up the interior.

H/T to Marjorie Ingall for the photo!


Gojira said...

Whew! Time for a visit!

nygrump said...

They totally redid the inside, they did a good job. Looks clean and new!

Michael Ivan said...

How does this stack up to Punjabi Grocery on Houston (b/t 1st and A)?

DrGecko said...

@Michael Ivan Punjabi). The people there happen to be better cooks, too.

The food at the two places is totally different. Pak Punjab is Pakistani/Muslim food (meat on sticks, savory triangular pastries, that sort of thing). The language of the CDs and DVDs is Urdu, the Pakistani national language.

Punjabi Grocery on Houston is vegetarian Sikh food (and the language of the CDs/DVDs is Punjabi). The people there happen to be better cooks, too.

You should try them both.

Unknown said...

Punjabi grocery on Houston has really good food. Kinda cramped and sometimes very busy but definitely worth the wait.