Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A quick look inside the new Mamoun's on St. Mark's Place

[This photo is from January]

As previously noted, the 45-year-old Mamoun's is moving a few storefronts to the east (No. 22 to No. 30) on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

EVG contributor Derek Berg took a look inside the space the other day to see how the renovations were going... as workers are de-Red & Gold Boil-ing the interior...

The larger space for the falafel restaurant is expected to open this spring.

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blue glass said...

mamoins move is the most positive post in a while.
a decent local store moves down the block to a bigger space.
love his lentil soup.
hope his prices don't go up too much.

Anonymous said...

Thank God some of the old popular places have managed to stick around. My coworker who's a Syrian refugee said the owner is from Syria, if anyone cares. I assumed the owners were Egyptian. Why? No clue!

Giovanni said...

I hope those giant icicles are permanent, they add a cool touch to the place.

IzF said...

Ya they're Syrian for sure! I could use a chicken kebob sandwich right about now...

Scuba Diva said...

blue glass said:

hope his prices don't go up too much.

Considering that they're a small chain—with locations on MacDougal street and in New Haven—they probably won't go up much if at all.

Anonymous said...

I love them
East Village Corner