Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Bowery Mission resource card

Per The Bowery Mission website:

Sometimes it's hard to know how to help. But when you hand a resource card to a homeless neighbor, you show that you care and want that person to have second chance at life.

Print out these resource cards to give away to the homeless you encounter on the streets. Invite them to come to The Bowery Mission to get help. Click here to open a pdf file with four resource cards to print.


Anonymous said...

call 311 and ask for homeless outreach (not police). a street outreach worker will respond in less than hour. YOu can leave your number to get call with results if you wish. If outreach worker thinks person's life is in danger, can call ems to take to hospital. Could be danger from cold, from being exposed to cold while using alcohol, etc. You can save a life by calling 311.

Anonymous said...

You can get frostbite in less than hour. Call EMS.

Anonymous said...

The Bowery Mission might be warm but safe? Been there and I wouldnt go that far. You sleep on the floor about 2 inches away from some smelly intoxicated person who prob has lice, tb etc. They dont wash the blankets they give people. Unless theyve dramatically changed their system from my time there, one is better off in the library and the subway. I bet its much safer statistically. Less chance of catching something, being robbed etc. Bowery doesnt search bags or do pat downs or anything to secure the place.Just because the employees and PR people say something doesnt mean its true. Like the homeless lady in the Gothamist post said- nothing they say is true.

Anonymous said...

ems can't do anything if there is not emergency. If person is in immediate danger, yes, call 911. Otherwise, to get shelter for person on street and have a professional caseworker try to get them to accept services, call 311 and ask for homeless outreach. They will come within an hour. obviously if you report person seems to be in danger, they will transfer you to 911 and they will also respond immediately. when you ask for homeless outreach, you are transferred to professionals who care.

Ed said...

Haha. You are a gem

Anonymous said...

breakfast is served after chapel...and tickets for showers are distributed before chapel...are clients coerced or required to attend religious services?

I don't agree with that at all, and the city should not be contracting with a private group that coerces/requires religious worship in return for services.

I'm almost regretting the donation I gave them recently.

Bowery Mission, would you like to explain?