Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Photo in Tompkins Square Park by Derek Berg]

Podunk, the tearoom on East Fifth Street, is moving after Mother's Day (Thursday)

54 Second Ave. sells for $7 million (Friday)

Former Sock Man space for rent on St. Mark's Place; presented as a "vanilla box" (Tuesday)

Four-building portfolio on St. Mark's Place in closing for $44 million (Wednesday)

Icon Realty files permits to demolish the former Chase branch on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

More about the underage drinking bust at Dahlia's; plus, reaction from NYU students (Wednesday)

Incoming Bagel Belly now with Bagel Belly signage (Monday)

Out and About (part 2) with Rafael Hines (Wednesday)

Construction watch: 64 E. First St., paying homage to the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges (Tuesday)

The Shape of Lies goes on hiatus on East Seventh Street (Monday)

Report: Crime is down so far in the East Village in 2016 (Friday)

Superiority Burger is now open for lunch (except on Tuesdays, when they are not open at all) (Wednesday)

Christo and Dora have been busy [blanking] in Tompkins Square Park (Monday)

Selling off Nino's (Monday)

When it fake snowed on East Fourth Street (Friday)

Chopt opens at 51 Astor Place (Monday) ... and a Flywheel Sports reveal (Tuesday)

Nine-story office building for sliver of space on Lafayette and Great Jones (Monday)

About "Gay Arms," a new photo exhibition by Grant Shaffer (Thursday)

The fallout from a fight involving Nate "Skate" Maloley and Derek Luh, fans and security at Webster Hall (Sunday)

Gutting some Third Avenue storefronts (Tuesday)

Minca Ramen back in action (Thursday)

Daniel Delaney has new restaurant in the works for First Avenue (Friday)

Chest of Pleasure has closed on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

So, what you are trying to tell me, is that one can't use cash? (Tuesday)

100 Avenue A announces its incoming sales office with familiar naked, graffitied person motif (Friday)

... and it's nice out... grab your Hula Hoop and head outdoors...

[Photo on 1st Avenue by Derek Berg]

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