Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The former Poppy's Gourmet Corner is for rent

[Image via LoopNet]

On Sunday, Poppy's Gourmet Corner on Avenue A at East 12th Street closed for good, as we first reported. Owner Mike Attal told Poppy's regular Shawn Chittle that a rent increase made it too challenging to stay in business.

The 625-square-foot space is now on the market. The rent is negotiable.

Per the listing:

This is a great corner in the heart of the East Village. The space is vented for food use and hookups are in place along with some basement. Landlord is targeting a term of up to about 3.5 years (through Sept 2019), but for the right concept, credit and terms ownership will consider longer leases. Great opportunity to come in and get up and running quickly in a great neighborhood with a ton of retail, restaurants and residential including new development on 11th and Avenue A and 2 blocks from Peter Cooper Village / StuyTown. All uses will be considered and looking to do an as is deal.

Don't recall seeing many, if any, listings in which the landlord targets "a term of up to about 3.5 years."

The new tenant will be neighbors with Douglas Steiner's incoming luxury condominium building.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Rent negotiable" - yeah, right. Perhaps it'll stay EMPTY for 3.5 years (or longer); wouldn't that be poetic justice?

Michael Ivan said...

"...along with some basement." ????

Rip Poppy's

Anonymous said...

Maybe another bank exec spawn can use their illegally attained inheritance and start a different overpriced artisan food shop.