Monday, May 2, 2016

A Santander Bank branch opens today on 13th and Broadway; and where's the Maison Kayser?

Well, not terribly newsy or exciting. That another bank branch is opening.

The address was previously home to a Cosi and Cohen's Optical. In November, there were reports that the Paris-based Maison Kayser was opening a 3,000-square-foot bakery on 13th and Broadway.

Given the arrival of the bank, an EVG reader asked if the bakery was still in play.

In looking at the report from last November in the Commercial Observer:

Paris-based Maison Kayser has inked a 3,000-square-foot deal at The Feil Organization’s 841 Broadway, the landlord announced in a press release. That space will be split up between the ground floor and mezzanine level of the eight-story building at the corner of East 13th Street.

Maison Kayser signed a 15-year lease, and will open early next year. It’s joining such retail neighbors as Max Brenner Chocolatier and Santander Bank.

So you have to figure that Maison Kayser will be opening in the storefront to the north of the bank branch...

In 2013, Gothamist named Maison Kayser one of the city's 12 best bakeries: "And though chain bakeries can be forces to fear, we have to admit this spot whips up one hell of a baguette," they wrote.

This location marks the ninth now in the the city for Maison Kayser.

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Anonymous said...

Before Cosi, I believe that corner was an/a antique/furniture store. Before Cohen's, it was Supercuts. As for that NW corner building on 13th street and Broadway, it was built in 1893 and was named for Cornelius Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt's grandfather, who resided in the block. Seems like it was department store at one point. But it's rooftop was the original site of Biograph Studios from 1896-1908. And if people would look-up more today, they'd notice the nice terra cota art deco on its façade.

Max Brenner used to be Cheap Jack's, a buyer and seller of vintage used clothing store; this store would have been a hit with today's hipsters and NYU students, then again they probably could not have afforded the rent today, then again Cheap Jack's could have overcharged more for those used clothing and it would be more of a hit.

I suppose the bourgees and branleurs and lavettes are devastated that a nice thing such a fine French 'bakery' ain't no opening there.

Anonymous said...

So, bank on SW corner of B'way and 14th, bank on NE corner of B'way and 13th, and Max Brenner & Maison Kayser "sandwiched" in between. Wow, diversity... not.

Anonymous said...

Hey Santander you have billions of dollars how 'bout putting up a nice sign? Shit looks thrown up and something designed on a Mac circa 1991.

Anonymous said...

Least appealing name for a bank ever, not to mention the budget they spent on the logo, which I assume was about $15 and bootleg copy of Adobe whatever.

Anonymous said...

The question marks are pointing at the second floor, not the mezzanine. The mezzanine space is probably behind the vents -- between the ground floor and second floor. If you look at Max Brenner, it also has a mezzanine with a number of tables, although their mezzanine space has windows. Not sure if Kayser will have windows due to those vents.