Monday, May 9, 2016

Confectionery now open on East 9th Street

Confectionery, a vegan chocolate shop and bakery, is now up and running at 440 E. Ninth St. near Avenue A.

As we noted last month, the retail shop is a collaboration between New Paltz-based vegan chocolate company Lagusta’s Luscious and bakery Sweet Maresa's.

EVG regular Scuba Diva stopped by on Friday and took a few photos of the small space...

Scuba Diva notes that the shop carries one of the signature treats from Lagusta's Luscious: Furious Vulvas.

Confectionery, which opened this past Thursday, also features macarons made by Maresa Volant. "The macarons are vegan, and since they're meringue-based cookies, they're pretty much a rarity, although a few bakers are featuring them now."

In any event, Scuba Diva is pleased to have a high-quality vegan confectioner in the neighborhood. "When you are vegan and everywhere you look the chocolate contains dairy ... you kind of do a little happy dance when you find someone who speaks your language."

The previous tenant in this space, Makki Deli & Grocery, closed in December after nine months in business. The Makki sign remains up for now.

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Confectionery, a vegan chocolate shop and bakery, coming soon to 440 E. 9th St.



Furious Vulvas lol. I think that was a b side on a Bikini Kill record.

marjorie said...

DAMMIT Notorious beat me to the Furious Vulvas musical joke

Scuba Diva said...

Kathleen Hanna FTW! Can't go wrong there!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood.


@Marjorie Sorry! Old school Riot Grrrl aficionado here ;)