Monday, May 9, 2016

Vacancy Project bringing hair, art and coffee to East 10th Street

There's something new in the works at 249 E. 10th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue...

As the sign shows, the small space will serve as a hair salon, coffee shop and art gallery...

Here's more about the Vacancy Project via their website:

Studio/Hair salon inspired by 60’s Andy Warhol’s “THE FACTORY”.

Also an Online journal featuring photography, music, and art by and for creators.

The creative director is Masami Hosono, a hair stylist who started her career in Tokyo in 2007.

The space opens on May 16... with the salon to follow in early June.

The previous tenant was Kai Yue Chinese Tui-Na Salon, a no-frills massage studio.


Anonymous said...

I think this sounds nice. People need haircuts, art is good, and as for the coffee, I'm just impressed it isn't booze. Looking at her instagram, Ms. Hosono's haircuts are cool. She definitely has a distinct style.

It's positively refreshing to hear that someone is inspired by The Factory among all the theme bar and diabeetus food dipshits these days.

good job

Gojira said...


SMNYC said...

Yay, more cool shit on my street! :D