Thursday, October 13, 2016

Getting piggy with it: Found heart outside the Riis Houses not human, ME says

Last week, a man found what was thought to be a human heart in the trash outside the Riis Houses on the FDR Drive and Sixth Street.

After an examination, the New York City Medical Examiner’s office deemed that it was not a human heart, and likely belonged to a pig, DNAinfo reported yesterday.

Why was a pig's heart in the trash? One theory, per DNA:

Pig hearts are sometimes used in cooking — they are featured in recipes that are part of the Paleo diet and are the staple ingredient of several international dishes, including Bopis in the Philippines and Sarapatel in Brazil.


Anonymous said...

That theory? In a pig's eye!

DrGecko said...

I guess you can sacrifice a pig heart if you have to, but human hearts are much more effective.

Anonymous said...

That pig graphic is priceless. Gave me a smile, thank you.