Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Report of a fire at 99 1st Ave.

As several readers noted, the FDNY was on the scene this morning around 7 after a report of a fire at 99 First Ave. at Sixth Street.

It appears the fire was coming from a corner apartment on the third floor.

The FDNY looked to have the situation under control fairly quickly. (The fire did not make the @FDNYAlerts feed.) No word at the moment about cause or extent of the damage.

The ground floor houses Mancora Restaurant and Bar.


Anonymous said...

There was also a fire last night on Sixth Street between 1st and A - it looked like there were nearly a dozen fire trucks, but I don't have any details on what happened.

Anonymous said...

There was also a fire last night in the Village View.

Anonymous said...

I heard Croman's giving all his tenants a free Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have more details on the fire at Village View? I live there but was away last night.

Anonymous said...

Village View fire was in the 4th floor studio apartment on 6th street at about 9pm yesterday - firefighters smashed the windows and threw all the apartment's contents into the street below. Heard that cause may have been gas leak or faulty electrics