Thursday, March 2, 2017

On CB3's SLA docket for March: The return of Mono + Mono and Poco's sidewalk cafe

[EVG file photo of Mono + Mono]

CB3 has released its rundown of meetings for March... including for the SLA & DCA Licensing Committee.

Here's a quick look at a few of the items on the docket. (The questionnaires with more information about the applicants and their intentions haven't been posted online just yet.)

But first! The meeting is Monday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Thelma Burdick Community Room, 10 Stanton St. (corner of the Bowery).

And now...

Sidewalk Cafe Applications

• Poco (Becaf LLC), 33 Ave B

CB3 voted to deny the renewal of a sidewalk cafe permit for Poco, who advertises having a "legendary boozy brunch," in December 2015. Neighbors have described Poco as being a "horror show," particularly during the brunch hours.

The restaurant's website notes: "Poco was built for one purpose — to be home away from home for the local residents of NYC's most unique, authentic neighborhood — Alphabet City."

• Mamak (Love Mamak Corp), 174 2nd Ave.

The Thai restaurant at the corner of 11th Street is vying for a sidewalk cafe.

New Liquor License Applications

• Monomono Inc, 116 E 4th St (wb)-EXPEDITED APPLICATION

Nearly four years have passed since a two-alarm fire swept through the single-level building that housed Mono + Mono, which specialized in Korean fried chicken.

The owners have said that they would reopen. For now, a flower shop is holding forth in the space between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

• Fresh Press Cafe LLC, 77 2nd Ave (op)

Something in the works for the former Ballaro space, the cafe that closed between Fourth Street and Fifth Street last February.

• To be Determined, 140 1st Ave (op)

The owners of Big Lee's (aka the Hard Swallow Saloon), which has been closed of late, are applying for a new liquor license.

• RSVP Hospitality LLC, 11 E 1st St (op)

Not sure about this one... the address for Bowery Meat Co. is 9 E. First St. ... and L'Apicio is 13 E. First St.

• Novo Partners, 57 2nd Ave (op)

This is one of the empty retail spaces of an Icon Realty-owned building.

• Mandolino Inc, 137 E 13th St (op)

The pizzeria opened last month between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

• Hi Collar (Sobaya Restaurant Inc), 214 E 10th St (upgrade to op)


b=beer & cider | wb=wine, beer & cider | op=liquor, wine, beer & cider | alt=alterations


Anonymous said...

Poco outdoor seating? Jesus tap dancing christ... I will be attending this meeting.

Cosmo said...

I avoid Ave B & 3rd St at all cost during summer because of the nightmare that is Poco. I feel for the people who live around there.

Anonymous said...

Poco is a living, breathing monster on B. No, no, no, no!

Anonymous said...

Poco is the epicenter of douchery. Well done CB3.

DN said...

Poco is a family oriented place , which serves the community well. My wife and I take our daughter there every week for tapas and the staff couldn't be nicer. Hopefully they get the permit.

sophocles said...

Why does Big Lee'a need a new license?did they lose the old one? they are high decibel neighbors. I wish them well-someplace else.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Mono + Mono come back. I've been missing them the last several years.

Anonymous said...

Get the fuck outta here...why would Poco be able to get the sidewalk cafe back? They were a NIGHTMARE!
They've been way more tolerable without that shit.