Thursday, March 16, 2017

Report: Arrest made in Orchard Street beating

Police have arrested one of the suspects wanted in a 2-on-1 beatdown on Orchard Street early last Friday morning.

Per PIX 11:

Nawang Choying, 23, of Queens, is charged with gang assault.

Sources say the beating was over the victim stepping on the attacker's shoe at Piano Bar.

The attack happened around 2:45 a.m.

Police say two men chased a 24-year-old man north on Orchard Street towards Stanton Street. The men caught up to the victim in front of 156 Orchard Street and began to punch and kick him multiple times in his head, face and body, police say.

The victim, 24-year-old William Franco, was taken to Bellevue for his injuries. His mother, who lives a block from the incident, said that her son is OK.

CBS 2 said that the police are continuing to search for the second suspect.

Updated 7:40 p.m.

Police have arrested the second suspect, Shachin Gauchan, 32, of Woodside, Queens, the Daily News reported.


Anonymous said...

A vicious crime wave is sweeping the east side second only to the draft riots. We need more surveillance to stop this epidemic of hooliganism. And where are the NYPD? Orchard street has become a lawless zone of violence, criminals and terror.

Anonymous said...

I hope this guy does some time but he probably won't. We don't need people coming into the neighborhood and attacking us.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again:

A roving group of four licensed bouncers each at least 6'2" and 250 lbs. who augment the club bouncers plus NYPD cops and auxillary cops on the beat from 12 to 4am and places cutting off people buying drinks on a person-by-person basis and closing at 3am after 2am last call reduces if not eliminates the violence.

If these places really wanted to clamp down on the BS they'd take a photo of everyone they've ejected.

If I had a place I would require everyone to show a "patron card" which you get for free. Put down your full name and valid photo ID number on it, show it and the ID at the door. If you are ejected you get one hole punch on the card. Two ejections or a bad enough first ejection, two hole punches. Three punches (strikes) on an ejectin or two or three (again depending on how bad the ejection is) and you're out, 86ed from my place forever, card seized, we take a photo of you and memorize your name and face. 'Don't have/forgot your card? Too bad, you don't get in, and no you can't say you misplaced or lost it if you come off like you didn't misplace or lose it (doorperson's call.) If you genuninely misplaced or lost your card, it's a $10 replacement card fee which would be credit towards a drink (can include a tip to the server) for a new card with a new number and the old punch or two if you have that and invalidation of the misplaced/lost card. Make believe you misplaced or lost one especially if you have a punch or two on your card? Your name and ID number better not be in our system already or you're 86ed, photo taken even if you have no punches. Also a three drink limit. What are you doing ordering four beers?

Anonymous said...

@7:57 PM

You'd be in business for about a week or until your savings ran out, whichever came first.

How about if any time a longtime resident is annoyed by some drunken 20 somethings every bar in a two block radius has to close for a week? And the city mandates DNA swabs after the 2nd beer.

Anonymous said...

BS 1:20am. The business would not only do well but it would gain a reputation as a pleasant, comfortable, civilized place for women and gentleman to go (yeah, a bar can be that.) I know, I know, you think every bar should be drink til you're drunk and/or puking - WRONG. You think a bar is your home where you can drink as much as you want and act like whatever - WRONG. To clarify I mean no more than three PINTS OF BEER. This would be known as the place where you don't act like an ass or have to put up with one, and that would be a much welcomed rarity I'm sure locals would appreciate so much they'd drop in for a beer/drink, too. Oh, I'd give locals a buck off any drink. I could even have a special buy three pints of beer tonight get a cup of draft beer free anytime after that. Thanks for getting my wheels turning to make the place saleable haha.

And who says I couldn't amend the three pints of beer limit rule? I could amend it to if you are visibly drunk that's it. Maybe that's the better policy these bars do not adhere to or Hell Square wouldn't be Campus PD years after it was cancelled?

How 'bout a drunken twentysomething not be that? How 'bout someone have no more than three drinks? Not drink until they're drunk? How 'bout bars keep tabs on who has been thrown out and how many times and 86 people they have to throw out three times? And maybe I don't want just the twentysomething crowd? I want older people, too, or mostly.

Since when are bars supposed to serve drinks to someone until they are drunk? They have to do that? And what if I serve say seven pints of beer to someone, he kills three people from driving drunk, and the investigation shows I served him seven pints of beer? I'm not getting sued? Think again. I'm not having that on my conscience moreover letting that happen. Three pints of beer from one place should be more than enough for you. You want a fourth or seventh pint? Have it somewhere else.