Monday, March 27, 2017

Former Citibank branch on Avenue A hits the market

The for rent sign arrived last week at 50 Avenue A between Third Street and Fourth Street.

I was curious what this former Citibank branch would be going for... Unfortunately, the listing at the Heller Organization doesn't provide many details ... other than:

-Prime East Village Retail availability
-Retail and/or F&B uses welcome
-Very high street Retail & Restaurant traffic
-Top location for proximity to nightlife

It's deceptively large too at 4,400 square feet.

The former Chase branch on Avenue A at Second Street is looking for $49,947 a month (or $139 a square foot). That's one good reason why the space has sat empty since November 2015.

Back in July 2013, Citibank's former building neighbor, Native Bean, moved down the block to 36 Avenue A. At that time, the asking rent for the space was $9,500. Villacemita eventually took the storefront, opening in March 2015.

Citibank closed on Jan. 13.

[Photo from 2012]


Scuba Diva said...

That's one ugly-ass building. And you see on the top floor, the little windows? Those are sleeping lofts.

Anonymous said...

Scuba Diva, you are bing too kind.

Giovanni said...

That looks like one of those blast-proof buildings you'd see in the old downtown Beirut, complete with a few layers of dust. Those sleeping lofts are hilarious. Just don't roll out on the wrong side of bed or else you'll wake up hurtling downward towards Avenue A.

Anonymous said...

What sort of business other than a bank would want to rent that plug ugly space?

Anonymous said...

Is that avocado graffiti? Nice.

Glenn said...

What is going on on those giant terraces—cattle farms?

Anonymous said...

These arrogant, lazy assholes can't get rid of the graffiti? Cuz nothing sells a space like graf on it which tells those who do it can hit the place again without it being painted over.

Seriously, you expect me to incur the cost of graffiti removal on top of rent and utilities when the space is hit because the taggers figure I'm more of the same (you)? Blow me.

Anyone who inquires about this place should tell the brokers to remove the fucking graffiti. This is like selling a shirt on Ebay with a mustard stain on it.