Thursday, March 23, 2017

A look at Wall 88's menu

As noted on Tuesday, Lions BeerStore has closed on the northeast corner of Second Avenue and Sixth Street.

Its replacement, Wall 88 Restaurant, is already open for business. Vinny & O shared this photo showing the menu... featuring a variety of pub-type fare...

[Click on image for a better view]

... including starters, salads, burgers. The entrees look reasonably priced (depending on the portions, etc.), with plates starting at $12 (for the "house special" pasta or fish & chips). The priciest item is $26 (beer can chicken!), and that serves two people.

Lions BeerStore — part retail shop, part restaurant — opened in November 2015. Apparently the Lions BeerStore owners are partners in the new venture, though someone else is involved in the day-to-day operations.


Sim City Mayor said...

I went in there a few weeks ago when it was still Lions, and several-to-most of the menu items seem the same on this new menu, so I think the transition may have been underway for a while.

Anonymous said...

Was there for dinner.. Place was empty.. Food is pub food, but on the lower selection took a big dive, and the wine quality is appalling. I guess they think they can fool people with changing the name and lowering the quality to save money. I give this place a few months.. At least the owner before cared about some quality and service