Sunday, March 19, 2017

RIP Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry died yesterday at age 90.

An EVG reader shared the above poster from when Berry played at the Village Theater (later the Fillmore East) on Second Avenue at Sixth Street in April 1967.

The poster comes from the blog It's All the Streets You Crossed Not So Long Ago, which has a lot more on the bands who played the Village Theater.

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Anonymous said...

Hail Hail Rock-n-Roll

JQ LLC said...

Chuck actually recorded a new album. Guy was still rockin' at 90. One of the last rock and roll pioneers. (I think Little Richard and Fats Domino are the only ones left.)

Roll over Bon Iver, and tell Maroon 5 the news

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the Isley Brothers..America's forgotten GREAT band.

DrBOP said...

OK, I'll go's GOTTA be asked...


(Turns out that Putin's a bat-shit-crazy-devoted Jerry Lee Lewis fanatik. On behalf of Russian Rednecks EVERYwhere, he swore that Chuck AND Little Richard would die before The Killer.
Word on the street is that KAConway is a closet EVG reader.....TELL THE DRUMPFSTER woman!.....somebody laid the fatal boojie-woojie ON THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL!!!)

Rest In Rhythm brother.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's incredible. That image would make a cool, framed poster.