Friday, March 24, 2017

A sign for Nobody Is Perfect on 4th Street

It has been a busy week of restaurant-related news ... and so I didn't get a chance to note the recent arrival of the Nobody Is Perfect signage at 235 E. Fourth St.

This will be the second new restaurant on this block between Avenue A and Avenue B via Mario Carta, the proprietor of Pardon My French at 103 Avenue B. Chouchou, serving Moroccan cuisine, opened earlier this month. (David Pegoli is the chef for the restaurants.)

Haven't heard about an opening date just yet for Nobody Is Perfect, which will offer a variety of tapas, or a closing time, which was a point of contention for neighbors who spoke out against the license application during the CB3-SLA committee meeting last September. (DNAinfo has a recap here.)

Nobody Is Perfect will be the fifth restaurant to try this address in the past 10 years. B4 closed last June after nearly three years in business ... and previously Piccola Positano, Tonda and E.U. have all come and gone.

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Team behind Avenue B's Pardon My French eyeing 2 spaces on 4th Street


DrGecko said...

Boy, even the name is off-putting for somebody as perfect as me.

As I.


Pinch said...

To each their own...but I'll stick with having some pints at Dorian Gray a few doors to the west.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's Perfect is better. It'd probably be nicknamed Nobody's but it happens.

Anonymous said...

Palitz is back with a vengeance, pushing liquor licenses with 4am hours down people's throats as usual.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the 4am part of liquor licenses. Why be open 'til 4am when you have to stop selling alcohol at 2am? If I had a bar I'd close at 3am. I don't want people hanging out at my place two hours after last call. You buy drinks at 2am you should be able to finish them by 3am.

Anonymous said...

This is open now. More if a lounge feel.

Suzanne F said...

Ate there last night. The "lounge" area seems to be a tiny fraction of the dining room. Maybe late in the evening it has a lounge feel, but up until 9:30 or so it was a real restaurant, one with good food at reasonable prices. Ditto the wine. I'm not in the neighborhood all that much, so cannot compare it to other places. But if it were in my nabe, I'd be happy.