Tuesday, April 4, 2017

LinkNYC arrives on 7th Street


Rusty fridge pic today by Derek Berg


Gojira said...

Rust Never Sleeps.

pinhead said...


Anonymous said...

Open source.


I was using LinkNYC on Monday morning to surf the Dark Web - that's when the best Groupons on Propofol drop - when Eden slammed the door shut, trapping me inside for days. I screamed for help, I pulled the emergency break, I threw a gasoline filled tire around my neck and lit it ablaze to send smoke signals. But nobody would look up from their damn phones and help me.

Left with no choice, I bought a mid-sized child army on the Silk Road, armed them to the teeth with AK47s and put those minors back to work! The child soldiers shot me a path to freedom. The only trouble is I couldn't get the shackles back on their little ankles quick enough and they ran into the park.

Nothing good comes of these LinkNYC portals to hell.