Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More about Artichoke's move across 14th Street

As we've been reporting (here and here), Artichoke is moving to a new space directly across 14th Street from their current establishment between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Co-owner Francis Garcia, offered a few more details to Eater, noting that the lease is up at 328 E. 14th St., "so they took that as an opportunity for bigger and better. The new location will allow for expanded offerings, like cauliflower fritters, broccoli rabe sandwiches, and more."

No word on when they plan to move. According to the SLA website, Artichoke's liquor license for No. 328 expires at the end of June.


Pinch said...

I still wonder about outdoor space in the back of new location that they might use...unless, of course, there is no outdoor space at all...then I'd probably stop wondering.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a little bit closer to the ER and NYU Medical Center, so that's a plus.

meesalikeu said...

Wa wa what is this? Expanded menu? BrocRabeWiches?? Bring some of that over my way to the meatpacking Artichoke.