Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Hop in and we can catch the end of the March for Science!

Photo on Lafayette by Lola Sáenz


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And the purple & white helium-filled balloons outside the NYU dorm on 12th between 3rd/4th Avenues, b/c helium and latex are so earth-friendly!

Gojira said...

Not all that long ago, New York magazine had an article on the omnipresence of a color called Millennial Pink. What's on display here is the precise color they pictured, so I'm guessing this vehicular brontosaurus was specifically painted for use in bachelorette parties and the like.

JQ LLC said...

@ Gojira

I seen these behemoth eyesores and the color is more like pepto bismol or calamine lotion.

Happy earth day.

Giovanni said...

Millennials must like limos that are painted this.color because it looks like a uterus on wheels.