Thursday, April 27, 2017

Out East opens Friday out on 6th Street

Out East, which will serve "New American fare with influences from the coastal regions of Long Island," opens Friday at 509 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

The restaurant is currently in friends/family mode. According to a neighbor, front-of-the-house staff was spotted lined up outside early Friday evening for the start of training. The Out East team includes chef Tim Meyers (an alum of Charlie Bird), Peter Kane (Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social), and Anthony Serignese (formerly of Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social).

According to a statement to Eater last December: "Out East is the stylish, coastal cosmopolitan, downtown dining destination that transports guests away from the city for a night." According to an online listing, the bi-level restaurant "pulls inspiration from Montauk, with interiors reflecting the essence of a seaside getaway and a New American menu with influences from Southern coastal France."

And here's a look at part of the seafood-centric menu...

Meanwhile, across Sixth Street, Baron's Dim Sum is open for business...

H/T Riley McCormick!

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Anonymous said...

That's a ton of crudo for alphabet city, ha, well rounded main plate menu but the name "out east" is offensive and lame enough for me to never try. Flaunting the bourgeois lifestyle of those able to summer and weekend. Like more and more places, this is going to be dependent on daddy's credit card money.

Anonymous said...

A lot to choose from: Montauk, to the south of France to a grimy hole in a wall. You gotta love this nabe -- for the effort at diversity.

Pinch said...

What exactly is offensive about the name "Out East?" I grew up on Long Island and I've used that term my entire life.

Anonymous said...

Liquor license?