Monday, April 17, 2017

Demolition watch: 118 E. 1st St

Workers have pretty much taken care of the former three-level tenement at 118 E. First St. between Avenue A and First Avenue...

Through the blogger portal you can see that the front steps now lead to ... nowhere really... the pit...

As previously noted, the existing structure is yielding to a 9-story residential building. In total, there are seven units divided over 12,500 square feet of residential space (likely condos). The building will include a small retail space on the ground floor.

Still no sign of a rendering via Warren Freyer's Freyer Architects. You'll have to make do with the zoning diagrams on file with the city ...

No. 118 was one of five new East Village projects identified by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation as an oversized new development ... "in the neighborhood's affordable housing zones [that] were approved by the city without requiring affordable housing."

According to their investigation released in February 2016 (find the latter to the mayor here), the city approved new developments "with greater square footage than allowed for market-rate developments, without requiring any affordable housing either on-site or off, as mandated by law."

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Anonymous said...

City hall is no longer bothering to pretend to have lower and middle class housing as goal. The Mayor has surrendered the urban development over to the highest bidder.