Saturday, January 14, 2012

Panuozzo sandwiches coming to St. Mark's Place

Speaking of St. Mark's Place... Grub Street had the scoop yesterday about a branch of the Upper East Side-based San Matteo Pizza and Espresso Bar opening on St. Mark's Place ... (we're assuming it will be in the space left vacant by Motek, the crepe place... it's the only vacant storefront along here...)

A panuozzo is apparently some kind of pizza-panino hybrid that looks like this...

[Via Grub Street]

Other details from Grub Street:

• They will stay open till 2 a.m. "for hungry bargoers."
• "We want to introduce the panuozzo to young crowds," the owner said.
• A beer-and-wine license is in the works (of course!)


Anonymous said...

How can they get a liquor license? I thought this was a so-called Resolution Zone? How come Five Tacos got a liquor license? How did that new Burger place get a license? They immediately starting selling cheap pitchers for the frat-boy set. Three licenses in a row on St. Marks Place this last year in a Resolution Zone.

Our community board is truly a joke.

AC said...


I'm surprised you didn't point out that they will sell gelato here during the summer. (Per that Grub Street link.)

So people who don't feel like sweet buns or puddin' will have another choice.

blue glass said...

the 500 foot rule (near churches, schools, and the limiting of the number of licenses) only applies to full liquor licenses. perhaps the state SLA does not consider beer & wine to contain alcohol.

this whole bar scene down here is a joke. it's frat boy/tourist heaven.

Marty Wombacher said...

"We want to introduce the panuozzo to young crowds"

Since I fall into the "older crowd" category, thankfully, I guess I'm spared this introduction. It looks like a weird sandwich...wait...I just's...Lady Gaga's purse!

glamma said...

ew. GROSS. as i'm sure they're crowd will be. boooo.

Anonymous said...

"We want to introduce the panuozzo to young crowds"

Sorry guy you had me and then you lost me.