Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prune people taking over Belcourt space

[Photo via Guest of a Guest]

On Friday, BoweryBoogie pointed out via CB3 documents that the people behind fancy-pants places like behind the Breslin, John Dory and Spotted Pig are aiming to open something at Olivia, the tapas place on Houston and Allen... (We pointed out in early December that the Olivia space was on the market.)

Upon further review of the documents ahead of the CB3/SLA meeting on Jan. 9, we noticed that folks affiliated with Prune on East First Street look to take over the Belcourt space on Second Avenue at East Fourth Street... (As Diner's Journal reported, Belcourt Chef Matthew Hamilton recently left the self-described Parisian-style brasserie.)

Anyway, to screengrabs of the documents...

Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton's name isn't mentioned (though we're curious about the name scratched out up there) ... Ginevra Iverson worked as her sous chef in Prune's early days before moving on... According to the documents (PDF), the place will be called Calliope, serving "new American" cuisine.

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T.E.V.B. said...

This is too bad about Belcourt. It was a nice spot with good food and drinks, adequate service, moderately priced, and plenty of tables and outdoor seating (which may be why it's leaving unfortunately). It's a loss for the neighborhood.