Thursday, September 5, 2013

'Modern Australian' in the works for The Beagle space on Avenue A

More details are emerging about applicants on this month's CB3/SLA Licensing Committee meeting agenda. According to paperwork (PDF!) filed ahead of the meeting on the CB3 website, there's a sale of assets at the Beagle, 162 Avenue A.

There's not a lot of information. The new applicant goes by the name Flinders Lane LLC and describes itself as "modern Australian." (Flinders Lane is a street in the central business district of Melbourne, Wikipedia helpfully pointed out.) The proposed hours are 11 a.m.-2 a.m. daily. The forms do not include any names of the new principals, though none of them have previously held a license for alcohol.

The Beagle, which remains open, first debuted here in the former Orologio space between 10th Street and 11th Street in May 2011. The Beagle's initial "pairing boards" included items such as Pressed Pig Head and Rum, Lamb Neck and Rye, and Scallop and Mezcal. The Beagle closed for part of last summer to rework their menu and cocktails.


Anonymous said...

The secret to enjoying this place was to guzzle the rum first, then you could forget that you were eating a pressed pig's head. For teetotallers, hitting yourself over the head with the "pairing board" worked just as well.

Anonymous said...

Pressed pig head is a very difficult dish to prepare. If you press the pig too hard, its head explodes which can be very messy and distracting to diners.

Anonymous said...

This place deserves every bit of bad luck it has coming it's way.

VH McKenzie said...

I've never patronized The Beagle, nor its immediate predecessor Orologio -- but I did enjoy very much the Thai place which, I believe, was in place before that.

Bring back the Thai, please.

Anonymous said...

Good-bye sweet Beagle~