Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another chance to own the East 14th Street duplex that likes to show off its insides

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Hey, our favorite floor-through condominium triplex with a fully retractable second floor façade/wall that flips open like a garage door overlooking East 14th Street returns to the market! (Or maybe it never left the market!)

This listing for The Brownstone East Village at 224 E. 14th St. arrived on Streeteasy this week.

Here's a snippet from the Douglas Elliman listing:

The first floor is sheathed in perforated metal that provides great privacy, while filtering natural light into the generous entry foyer/home office area. An exposed brick hallway leads to an all-white eat-in Kitchen. Here, a glass garage door retracts, opening the entire wall to an enormous private, south-facing Garden and outdoor Cabana, ideal for intimate gatherings or large-scale entertaining. The Kitchen is equipped with a Viking dishwasher, downdraft-vented cooktop and oven, 36" Subzero refrigerator, and is finished with custom lacquered cabinetry and seamless enamel coated countertops.

This appears to be the unit that Bill Peterson, the architect behind the building, owns. Back in 2012 the asking price was a reported $2.499 million. This time around the asking price is $2.1 million. Public records show that he paid $1.8 for the home in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

The photo is out of date the bar has changed name/owner.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I would do is nail that garage door / wall in place to keep fumes the M14 bus from suffocating my family.

Anonymous said...

wait... how is that up to code?

Glenn Belverio said...

Weird! Why would you want such a broad view of one of the ugliest blocks in the city? Who was the genius that came up with that idea. It'll probably get bought by some foreigners who are only there 2 weeks per year.

Anonymous said...

To answer one of the comments above, there is a building wide heavy duty piece of glass or plastic place several feet inside from the building facade to prevent unwanted plunges to the sidewalk. I agree this open front concept should have stayed on paper and not have become a reality if the owner had plans on ever selling this building (apartment). It's a noisy strip of 14th street near a bus stop, and constant unloading from trucks servicing the businesses there. My guess is the architect of owner is from a warmer climate and was trying to force indoor outdoor lifestyle on a gritty New York City street. Big fail, bro.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I've never seen that wall open - has anyone else? Seems like a great way to attract pigeons.

Anonymous said...

Goggla, I've watched it open (and close). It was cool. But, I also thought, 'why the hell would anyone want that in/on their home?! And what if there was a power failure halfway through and it was stuck partly open?!'

Anonymous said...

This continues to be the stupidest New York apartment I've ever heard of.

Screaming Queens Entertainment said...

It would be nice facing a backyard full of trees... or on a very high floor with a view. If you opened it on 14th street you would just get a crowd of onlookers gathering and looking up at you in your living room. It's an cool idea in the totally wrong location, no one would ever use it unless they were just showing it to someone.